Skinner release technique.

2 images from the SRT class, your feelings, associations and reflections:

- The marionette strings; this helps me be in touch with my body and makes me realise the stucture of my body, and the interaction and conection between my head and tail. This inspires me as i can feel my body and i can really imagine my head and body being pulled up, this restricts my movement, making my movement more interesting as i can imagine the strings pulling on my body. Whilst the strings are pulling me from beneath this allows me to connect to surfaces and the floor.

- The spongey bed; This makes my movement soft and light, i can feel all the creases in my body, and i like finding new ways of moving with less tension in my body, I find that when my eyes are closed i have a more of an experience, as i can feel what my body wants to do rather than seeing what it can do, or what it is doing, as my first initate movement would be to develop what i have seen my body do or repeat it.

3 sentences on any ideas from SRT that have inspired me in my movement:

SRT helps me to relax but also awakens my body, releasing me with more energy and endurance to keep moving whilst using imagery.

By using imagery within lesson and keeping it in my mind, it helps me with my movement as i feel i have something to work with or a goal, that i have to achieve, and that i should feel like whatever imagery that is in my mind, instead of being lost and being told what to do, it helps me focus on myself.

Whilst in the SRT technique, being in contact with the floor most of the time identifies how much i rely on surfaces and feeling the ground pushing against me, and how i can use the floor for ore than just support.

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