Siobhan Davies Scrapbook material

This was the scrapbook we created in a d-traces workshop, we viewed pieces of siobhan davies work and viewed her ideas and stimuli's along with sounds, and added what interested us to our scrapbook. I added a few pieces of work which were interesting to me, and also added a transcript by caryl churchill, which started off with a sentence, which gradually built up to a page full of writing. Just by adding a few simple words here and there, shows how dance can be developed from a single motif.

I also pointed out plants and ghosts because it had really interested me, which is why i watched the piece and wrote a review on it, the piece is really different yet inspirational. I like the how they work in relation to each other but hardly ever make contact. They are aware of their space and aware of all the other dancers, their connection builds intensity of the piece. It really inspired me as a dancer, and i would like to base a piece of work around this in the future.

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