Interview with Charlie Capewell on my improvised solo.

Charie Capewell:

Do you think i need more dynamics to reflect my stimulus to the audience?

I think the dyanmics are fine as the fast, sharp movement represent the wings of the fairies floating around. But you should play with the idea of dynmics as it can create intensity towars the end of the dance. You could play with stillness and suspension dynamics with the arms and legs.

What do you think of the space i use in my solo (diagonal)?

The spaceyou use that is on a diagonal is good, however i would like tosee the area your exploring abit more, however keep it on a diagonal line as it is an unusual choice, but works well.

What do you think of my beginning position of my solo?

I really like the idea of your back facing the audience as it is unexpected of what is about to happen it intrigues me from the very start, and feels like a mystery.

Is my stimulus present throughout my movement?

I can see an image of you holding an object and it is obvious that the main point is in connection with your hands, althougb because i haven't seen the picture you are studying i can't relate to it and point out the movement you are following.

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