'Eden' 2nd year dance piece review.

Upon reading the brief information before entering the perfromance, i registered that the title was 'Eden' associating the piece with peace and tranquility. We were offered to walk around he space where the performers were already performing, however of course it was optional.
Some of the audience included family or non-dancers leaving them confused as to why we were allowed to intrude in the dancers space. However as a dancer and performer myself , i was curious to what each dancer was doing, and how/why they had chosen to position themselves accoridngly.
The costumes ther performers wore, spoke for themselvles, they didn't stand out nor were they detailed but they were subtle, wih subtle pastel colours. As we walked in and toured the space, the performers were identifying their surroundings, taking their time to really feel and discover the space. The music which was played in the background was also tranquil, witht he sounds of the sea washing along the shore and the birds chirping.
They used large plastic sheets within the performance, which also made loud, crackling noises when the dancers played with it, The sound contrasted with the music as it weren't a natural sound such as the birds or the sea.
As the performance moved outside,we were asked to be quiet for the duration of the walk, we followed he performers and guides, through some of the most historical parts of coventry, which also represented the natural apect. When we arrived at the garden, the piece cam together, as you no longer had to imagine them in a garden, as they were in one.
Although we were viewing them from a height when we finally reached their level, it felt as though you could be intruding their space, as before. And of course there were so many different movements happening at oce, it was up to your own ccors who and what you wanted to view, and what position/angle you viewed it from.
Although the piece was and idea of tranquil and serenity, it was still eye opening, with the following an realisation of it, it spoke out but it was up to the audience what they chose to listen to.

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